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This drink is derived from the African Rooibos (Redbush) tea plant and is revolutionizing the espresso market. TeaSpresso is not normal Tea, but an Espresso Style Tea which means it’s made in a different fashion from other normal tea’s. The taste is therefor remarkably different - giving a stronger & smooth Rooibos flavor. It can also be made with a Filter machine & Plunger, but the preferred method is with an Espresso coffee machine.

It’s now possible to have all those coffee drinks you never thought you could have, but as a tea. For example:

HOT DRINKS: Tea Espresso, Tea Cappuccino, Tea Latte, Tea Macchiato, Tea Mocha & various COLD DRINKS, such as Tea Juice, Tea Shake, Tea Smoothie etc. All the above drinks are made starting with a Rooibos ‘espresso’ as the base product.

The demand for Rooibos Espresso is growing world wide. Customers not only enjoy the taste, but also love the fact that it supports a healthy lifestyle. For the health conscious who have been struggling to find a coffee alternative, TeaSpresso is that new great caffeine free alternative.



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UNIT SIZE:  1Kg & 200g

Rooibos, Masala Chai Spice mix(Cinnamon, Cardomon, Black peppercorns, Cloves Ginger,)


    How to make the perfect TeaSpresso ESPRESSO?

A TeaSpresso ‘Espresso shot’ is the base ingredient for all the Espresso style tea drinks.


Make sure the porter filter is clean. Put the empty porter filter in the machine & let the water flush through. Clean the rim of the porter filter and insert. (This is necessary to flush out residue coffee if any. It is better to use a separate group head)

Place 2 to 3 teaspoons (8 to 10g) in your porter filter and connect to machine.

Fill 1/3 of the cup with espresso as the base product.
(similar steps to making coffee)




Too much product has been placed in the
porter filter and/or the cup was filled too much product.


  • Not enough product.
  • Your porter filter’s holes are too big. (Water flowing to fast)


Rooibos Benefits:

The African Rooibos tea plant is truly exclusive and grows only on the West coast of South Africa. It is grown by a family who has produced quality Rooibos for generations. The precious Rooibos (Redbush) towers above all other tea’s and is considered by many to be the Mount Everest of medicinal plants. 

TeaSpresso is higher in antioxidants than Green tea! Mother Nature’s prescription to you! African tribes have been using the Rooibos plant for generations to help with various ailments , for example to delay the aging process, to help with ulcers, heartburn, even to build strong teeth because of its calcium, manganese & fluoride content.  It helps with colic, stomach cramps and sleeping problems. It’s excellent for mild depression as it contains a herbal sedative. Its mineral content of iron, potassium, manganese and sodium helps to restore the body’s balance.




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